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Core Services

Asphalt Paving

Weeks Paving offers new asphalt paving construction surfaces,overlay of existing surfaces and repair of existing pavement. Asphalt is acost effective hard surface that is recycled more than any surface material available. We follow guidelines that are proven to last for years.

Base Stone Installation

Our area has some of the best stone aggregate available in the world for the base surface before paving. We believe that your finished surface is only as good as the foundation it is placed upon. Depending on the type of traffic use, Weeks Paving feels it is very important to install crushed stone base for normal traffic or a cement base stone for a more durable surface and heavier use.

Pea Gravel Surfaces

Weeks Paving offers surfaces with an assortment of aggregates available such as pea gravel, limestone or granite.We can create almost any type of surface a customer would like depending on the look requested.

Additional Services

  • Project Design/Planning
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Sealing/Hot Pour Crack Treatment
  • Striping/Signage

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